September 11, 2009

Polaroid, here I come! Well, kinda.

While perusing some weblogs, I came across a link to Rollip, a site that turns your oh so shiny and boring digital photographs into digital polaroids. How cool is that!? I must say that I do own a polaroid camera, and have used it many many times in the past. But geez! That film can get pretty expensive, especially when I have a perfectly good digital camera that takes hundreds of images for free (well, after you buy it, and mine was a gift, so there you go).

So here is my first try at using Rollip. I took a picture that my wonderful friend Sierra sent me of us in Portland, uploaded it to the site, and voila! A picture with some character!

Here is the original for comparison:

Try it here.
And oh yeah, it's FREE.

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