September 29, 2009

The bedroom.

Today Rudy and I moved our bed out of what we have been calling the "Sleeping Nook" so that I could paint the little alcove in our bedroom. Moving the bed out of there made us think about not putting it back in...
Imagine a walk-in closet in that space with an ottoman and full length mirror. Awesome. I know, right?

Now our bed is in front of the horribly crumbing fireplace. Our headboard covers the cracking tiles perfectly, and because the thing can't even be used, I don't really feel so badly about covering it up.

All this thinking about bedrooms naturally led me to post some more that I love...
Oh boy, do I love this one. This room is a bit more reserved than I usually go for, but it is just so cool and collected. I think it's the lamps that do it for me, I love them so very much.

Some more stripes :) I especially love the headboard.

I really enjoy this dramatic wallpaper paired with multiple different patterns on the bedspread, lampshade and throw pillows. The crisp whites and matching wood pieces balance out the room well.

Hello drawstring shades, I love your look. Where can I get you?

I will post some pictures of our new bedroom configuration once I actually get it configured. I guess that this is the good thing about not having any furniture*, it makes it really easy to rearrange your room. If only in your head.

*The only bedroom furniture we have is our bed. And our rubbermade boxes acting as drawers, if those count.

All images from House To Home.

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