September 20, 2010

Autumn is here, baby is not.

{all photos from we heart it.}
Tomorrow is the first day of fall. It is also the 9th day past our due date with baby Perkins. As hard as it has been to wait, I feel pretty good about the fact that he will be a fall baby. There are so many lovely things about fall. I'm beginning to think that it is my favorite season.
Apple cider. Breathtaking colors. Scarves and boots.
My mom is visiting (!) and we've been doing lots of fun and useful things together around Columbus while waiting for the little man. I keep thinking, "Oh, I really needed to get done with that before the baby could come. Now that we've done it, he can come!" But alas, he hasn't heard me. I guess I should get used to being on his time schedule.

September 12, 2010

Drawing Katie.

This week at drawing group, our model was Katie. Here are a couple of my three minute sketches.

September 12th, we've made it.

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Well it's our due date! It looks like today is going to come and go without a birth, but that doesn't mean it wasn't a wonderful day. In fact, this whole weekend has been awesome! I went to drawing group again on Friday morning, and we had some friends over for a BBQ that night. After eating, we walked over to the local high school football game. On Saturday, Jess, Evey and I checked out a new "play cafe" called Firefly. 3 year old Evey had fun dressing up and running around. Jess and I had a nice time chatting and sipping (decaf) coffee.

Today after church, a big breakfast, and a nap, we took Gatsby on a walk at Whetstone Park. It was the perfect late summer / early autumn afternoon.

We're all waiting for you, Baby Perkins! Come anytime.

September 6, 2010

Drawing Bob.

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{45 Minutes}

I finally went to the Friday figure drawing group last week for the first time in a while. It starts at 7 am, and it has been hard for me to drag myself there. I'm always so glad when I do though. With our little guy almost here, I'm not sure how many more Fridays I'll be able to attend so I figure I should go as many more times as possible!

This week Bob was our (clothed) model. I had a lot of fun drawing his face. It had so many interesting shadows. Here are my results.
{10 Minutes}

{10 Minutes}

{10 Minutes}
With this last one, I went a bit cartoon-ish with his features. I really like how the hatch marks in his hair came out.

I need to draw more. I love it.

September 5, 2010

Our little family...

We are only one week away from the due date!

September 1, 2010


{Photo found here}
I miss the beach today.

It's 91 degrees out, and the local pool is closed now that school is back in. I was hoping it would still be open and devoid of school kids, but not so.

Yesterday was my last day of working at the coffee shop. It hasn't sunk in yet and today just feels like a special vacation.

I got some caps sent out for Octopus Caps. We've been getting lots of international orders this summer. I want to get shipped along with the caps sometimes, especially when they are going to Paris or Sao Paulo or Australia.

I was reading Sweet Fine Day's blog, and came across this quote from her six year old daughter:
“Sometimes when I get excited I don’t show it. I just wiggle my toes instead.” – Mia

I can't wait to record all the funny, inspiring and sweet things that my little man is going to say.