September 12, 2010

September 12th, we've made it.

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Well it's our due date! It looks like today is going to come and go without a birth, but that doesn't mean it wasn't a wonderful day. In fact, this whole weekend has been awesome! I went to drawing group again on Friday morning, and we had some friends over for a BBQ that night. After eating, we walked over to the local high school football game. On Saturday, Jess, Evey and I checked out a new "play cafe" called Firefly. 3 year old Evey had fun dressing up and running around. Jess and I had a nice time chatting and sipping (decaf) coffee.

Today after church, a big breakfast, and a nap, we took Gatsby on a walk at Whetstone Park. It was the perfect late summer / early autumn afternoon.

We're all waiting for you, Baby Perkins! Come anytime.

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  1. How much love and fun and freshness!!!!!!!!

    The photos and stories really depict your happiness!! Thanks so much for sharing them and allowing us to really know that you are soundly safe-- AND joyful!

    Prayers are constantly streaming through me thanking God for you and Rudy and Gatspy and baby, and asking God for his loving guidance and protection.

    Infinite blessings....

    Love, Maya :D

    p.s. here's fun photos: