September 6, 2010

Drawing Bob.

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{45 Minutes}

I finally went to the Friday figure drawing group last week for the first time in a while. It starts at 7 am, and it has been hard for me to drag myself there. I'm always so glad when I do though. With our little guy almost here, I'm not sure how many more Fridays I'll be able to attend so I figure I should go as many more times as possible!

This week Bob was our (clothed) model. I had a lot of fun drawing his face. It had so many interesting shadows. Here are my results.
{10 Minutes}

{10 Minutes}

{10 Minutes}
With this last one, I went a bit cartoon-ish with his features. I really like how the hatch marks in his hair came out.

I need to draw more. I love it.

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