February 27, 2013

Bath time.

Enjoying some time with my cute little man while he's still cute and little.

February 5, 2013

North Market Date

This Christmas, my present to Rudy was to have a date every month without our little man. For January's date we headed to the North Market. This has been one of my favorite places in Columbus from the first time I stepped foot into it. I love the market's atmosphere, the colors, and the smells. Oh, the smells: spicy Indian food around one corner, fresh bread around the next, Belgian waffles, the list goes on and on. 

So when I saw that there was a small pop-up donut shop was open on Saturday I had to try it! We got to sample everything she had in her shop, and chose the sausage maple and lemon blueberry. In another stall we got a couple of coffees and headed upstairs to try our treats. They did not disappoint!
My handsome date.

Destination Donuts - Sausage Maple and Lemon Blueberry

 I also brought my new camera along and snapped some photos of the market. I want to catalogue the things I love about Columbus before we leave!

January 8, 2013

This past week we had a good amount of snow. It has been Rudy's dream since moving to Columbus to snowboard down Wahalla ravine, and he finally did it! It was very slow, but very entertaining. The few people that were out walking or sledding got a kick out of it. We also used the board as a sled and zipped down the hill with Noah. It was fun with just two of us on the sled, but once we all got on it was a bit precarious. Even though Rudy had to drag me outside on such a cold day, I was really happy we got out and Rudy lived the dream. It was really fun for all of us.