February 5, 2013

North Market Date

This Christmas, my present to Rudy was to have a date every month without our little man. For January's date we headed to the North Market. This has been one of my favorite places in Columbus from the first time I stepped foot into it. I love the market's atmosphere, the colors, and the smells. Oh, the smells: spicy Indian food around one corner, fresh bread around the next, Belgian waffles, the list goes on and on. 

So when I saw that there was a small pop-up donut shop was open on Saturday I had to try it! We got to sample everything she had in her shop, and chose the sausage maple and lemon blueberry. In another stall we got a couple of coffees and headed upstairs to try our treats. They did not disappoint!
My handsome date.

Destination Donuts - Sausage Maple and Lemon Blueberry

 I also brought my new camera along and snapped some photos of the market. I want to catalogue the things I love about Columbus before we leave!

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