April 28, 2011

Newspaper poetry

I love this newspaper poem by Austin Kleon, found here. I probably wouldn't want the print, but love the idea of his poetry.

I also love that it's about his wife.

April 27, 2011

Stuffed logs.

Now that we've decided to stay in our townhouse*, I'm really wanting to get it to where I like it. This also means making it a baby-friendly place for Noah to grow for the next couple of years. Our decorative fireplace has candles in it now. Noah is crawling like a monster. These two things don't go together. I think these stuffed birch logs would be very cute in the fireplace. Baby-safe, and easy on the eyes. Win-win.

Except they're out of stock, so there's that.

*My husband is working on his PhD, and just passed a big test which allows him to go on with the program. Which means we'll be staying in Columbus for at least 3 more years. I'm really not happy with our neighbor situation right now.While I like the people we share walls with, there are 5 yapping dogs there at any given time, and they smoke in their bedroom and basement which leaks into our place. Not to mention that they stay up till past 3am most nights. They are completely not compatible with our lifestyle.
After weeks of killing myself to find a nice single family house for us to live in for the rest of Rudy's time, I finally gave up. We just can't afford it. I know this may sound weird, but I got the sense that God was telling me, just be still. Stop worrying!
A week ago we found out that our neighbors move out June 1st! While it would still be nice to not share walls on both sides, this is what we can afford. It's the right price in the right location, and the right size. Patience isn't my strong suit. I'm tired of only being able to afford apartments. But it's not forever. It may feel like we're poor, poor, poor, but we can afford a really nice place. We can afford great food. We've got each other, a healthy baby, and love to spare. So I'm deciding to quit complaining and making our house a place I love to be. I'll keep you updated for the ride.

Cute fabric.

This fabric is so stinking cute. I think it would be fun to do a water color painting of this little circle too. I want to paint more!

April 25, 2011

My little Easter man.

My friend Michelle passed on this adorable jumper to Noah a few weeks ago. It is perfect for a little Easter outfit, but as the weather wasn't cooperating, I knew Noah couldn't wear it out yesterday. So I took pictures of him in it instead. It is much harder to get him to sit still for pictures now a days. He either wants to crawl, put something in his mouth, or crawl until he gets to something he can put in his mouth.

{Noah just got his first two teeth on the bottom, and loves to feel them with his lips}

{Have I mentioned that I can't get enough of his blue eyes?}

{Chewing on papa's finger}

Oh man. He's getting way too big, way too fast.

April 23, 2011

More projects...

It all started with this picture, Christien Meindertma's giant hand knitted poufs. I had to have one. Didn't have over a grand to lay down on buying one, so naturally I looked up how to make my own. Because everyone knows how much time I have, (this is going to be a recurring theme here now, waahwaah). Anyhow, Pickles has a free pattern for many many things knit and crocheted. I've added a couple more projects for when I become a master knitter:
The Plain Vest for Ashley's baby, Finley.
...and the Sunny Cardigan for me!

April 20, 2011

Wednesday, April 20th

Happy birthday to my beautiful mom. You have taught me so much and are such a source of joy in my life.

On that note, isn't it amazing how you realize HOW MUCH you are loved when you become a parent yourself? I mean it is astronomical!

Talking on the phone with my mum today, I asked about what foods she started us off on. I've been letting Noah gnaw on cold carrots lately to ease some teething pain and expose him to new tastes. She said that we all loved steamed broccoli, so I tried it out tonight and took a video. I'll get that up as soon as I have a chance.

And by when I have a chance, I means possibly never. At least that's how it feels right now.

April 13, 2011

Noah and Rudy

I LOVE these guys.
Is it just me, or is Noah all of a sudden a little man?!

April 11, 2011

Noah and the skate park.

This post could also be called, "Columbus skips spring and dives right into summer". It was hot and humid yesterday, so we packed up the family and went to the skate park. Here's the story in photos:

...basked in the sun.

...hung out with Gatsby.

...watched dad skateboard.

...went for a walk around the park.

...sat around with no pants on (Okay, only Noah did this one).
...and after a little snack...

...fell asleep on the way home.