June 30, 2009

The first week...and then some.

It has been a bit over a week since Rudy and I landed in Columbus, and I still feel like I am still only in a transitional period. We have not truly settled down in Columbus. I have yet to go and check out all of the places I've read so much about. All of our things are in storage. And we are still staying in the basement of my grandparents lovely home.

Rudy and I have been looking at apartments all over Columbus. Mostly in the Short North, (the arts district), and the German Village. It has been hard not to become disheartened at the price of rent. All I can keep thinking is "who are these people who can afford to buy houses, and where on earth do they get all this money to decorate them so well." And I'm not talking Elle Decor decorating. Just simple, lovely homes. It feels as if we'll never get there. (I know full well that this is irrational, and that we are young, etc. But still!)

As I sit here writing, I'm looking out of my grandparent's wall of windows at nothing but green. No exaggeration, only green. And branches. Earlier there were so many goldfinches and cardinals. I think Gatsby might just break through the window with excitement over all the squirrels and chipmunks.

June 25, 2009

Road Trip to Ohio (Part 5)

Dinosaur World in Middle of Nowhere, Kentucky

On the last day of our trip, we got a late start. We went into Hillsborogh Village near Nashville and had breakfast with the great Phil Danew. Right after we were all packed up and ready to be off, we realized that one of the trailer's tires was blown. Needless to say, we got into Columbus very late on Saturday evening.

Road Trip to Ohio (Part 4)

Gatsby at his post.

Day 4-Drove from Paris to Nashville.

The ever-wonderful Long family.

Road Trip to Ohio (Part 3)

Bonjour, Y'all! Rudy and I at the eiffel tower in Paris! Texas, that is.

Lovely clouds after a storm. A big one. With lightening.

Road Trip to Ohio (Part 2)

On day 2 of our road trip, we decided to drive straight through from Flagstaff, Arizona, to Paris, Texas. A drive that took nearly 24 hours. (Remind me to never do that again). Rudy and I ended up parking in some Motel 6 lot and sleeping for an hour in the cab of the truck. Bleh.

Here is my new road trip style. (On account of all the wind).

Gatsby sleeping and Rudy driving, which pretty much sums up the entire trip.

Beautiful painted cliffs in New Mexico.

June 23, 2009

Road Trip to Ohio (Part 1)

While it is true that we are now in Ohio, and have made it through 5 long days of driving a massive Budget truck pulling our car across the country, I am going to take my time in sorting through pictures and sharing them.

Ye Olde Truck

Leaving Vista

Gatsby had to use this...

Who knew that Arizona was so beautiful? We made it to Flagstaff the first day.


Rudy graduated from UCSD a couple of weeks ago!
Now we are on to the next chapter of our lives together as Rudy starts on his PhD in Mathematics at Ohio State University.
I'm so proud of my man!

Goodbye Party Flowers

This is an old shot of some of the flowers from Rudy and my goodbye party.
I love the combination of the soft pink gray flowers next to the papery brighter ones.

June 14, 2009

I'm going to miss you old friend...

I was on craigslist looking for apartments in Columbus and I decided to see if our apartment in Vista was on the San Diego site... and it was... and it kinda broke my heart. It was Rudy and my first place ever together. And it was just so perfect and full of character and we made it ours. Thinking of someone else living there makes me a little sick to my stomach at the moment.

I know that we are moving on many wonderful times. I just didn't realize it would be this hard to let go. I can't help but think that I will never walk Gatsby down that wonderful street ever again.

Little artist's loft, you will be dearly missed.