March 13, 2010

Finishing touches.

I bought myself some tulips last week to celebrate the rising temperatures. Tulips alway remind me of spring. When I was 18, I went to Paris with my grandma and cousin in March. We bought tulips from a little market to decorate our apartment. They alway bring such beautiful memories.
I also finally put up these little treasures above our stove. The Chinese calender is from a place right down the street from Rudy and I, and it came with our takeout one night. The round tin plate has a drawing of California on it with little illustrations for each city or landmark. I got it at a huge antiques sale in Worthington this summer. I love the poppies on it, they always remind me of home. Lastly, the little tin rooster came in a Christmas package from my mom, and was meant to be an ornament, but I love it too much to only have it out for one month of the year.


{Our backyard}

I thought I should post some pictures of the snow from a couple of weeks ago. Amazingly, all of it is almost gone, and the temperatures have soared to the mid 60's! Rudy and I were marvelling this morning that it went from the low 30's to the 50's and now to almost 70 in a matter of days. All I can say is that I hope this weather pattern continues, and that we really are approaching spring.
{View of our neighbor's car from upstairs}

{Gatsby with the pups at Whetstone park on my birthday}

In regard to the above picture, remember this little adventure from when I let Gatsby off the leash for the first time? I swore he'd never go off leash again. However, after months of walking the same path, I've started giving him bouts of running free with the other dogs. And he finally gets it!! Even when he goes off and chases something, he always eventually realizes he's alone and that he better catch up fast. Sometimes it takes him ten minutes, but I've learned to calm down and know that he'll be racing around the corner in no time.

March 7, 2010

My favorite harpist.

Dear Joanna Newsom,

I have not listened to you in far too long. Will you forgive me? I think that you are pretty great. Maybe Rudy and I can come and see you when you play at Ohio State at the end of this month.

Dear readers,

I'm sorry that all of my posts lately have just been pictures I have found around the internet. I have so many of my own pictures and stories to share, but time has been slipping through my fingers and sometimes sharing a dinner with new friends is more important than uploading hundreds of photos. I promise some original content is coming soon.

Yours truly,

Photo from here.

I'm growing my hair out...

...and you can't stop me!
Camp Comfort

I've been wanting to grow my hair out, and have decided that I'm in the s l o w process now because my hair is alway growing, right? These pictures only make me wish that it would happen much faster. My hair is still incredibly short, which is a bit disheartening, but I've done it before!

I will be, for the first time in a long time, not dying my hair as I grow it out. I love the look below with the sunkissed ends, so maybe once I reach a certain point I'll cave in and go for some dye.
Turned Out

Here's to growth!

March 5, 2010


I couldn't keep these beautiful photos from Korean Vogue to myself.

Fact about me: I hate cats but think that kittens are quite possibly the cutest little things ever, (topping even puppies, that's right I said it).

-Photo found here.

Poem and a Picture Friday.

Light can stare at bed hair and fall for love.

-Refrigerator poetry from my apartment years ago.
-Photo from mypolaroidblog.