September 20, 2010

Autumn is here, baby is not.

{all photos from we heart it.}
Tomorrow is the first day of fall. It is also the 9th day past our due date with baby Perkins. As hard as it has been to wait, I feel pretty good about the fact that he will be a fall baby. There are so many lovely things about fall. I'm beginning to think that it is my favorite season.
Apple cider. Breathtaking colors. Scarves and boots.
My mom is visiting (!) and we've been doing lots of fun and useful things together around Columbus while waiting for the little man. I keep thinking, "Oh, I really needed to get done with that before the baby could come. Now that we've done it, he can come!" But alas, he hasn't heard me. I guess I should get used to being on his time schedule.

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  1. Fall IS the best season! You guys are going to have an extra magical fall and winter with a shnuggly little guy on his way :) Hang I'm there, he'll be here before you know it!