September 14, 2009

Making a table pretty.


The boys who lived in our new Ohio digs before us left lots of stuff behind. Including, but not limited to, a nasty sofa, a box of old records, and this (formerly) gross side table in the basement. After being reminded of it's existence in our home, I decided to clean it up and give it a new life.
Before being wiped down, (above and below).

I thought that the brown streaks were results of years of built up grime. However, after scrubbing it down, I realized that someone tried to antique the thing using brown on white. Who would do that? It just looks dirty!

After two coats of paint it looked great! The first photo is in it's new home in our bedroom. Now it needs a nice comfy chair to be its friend.

The best part is that I spent no money at all!

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  1. That table looks beautiful! Well done Chelsea Porter Perkins! : )