September 3, 2009

Making the pantry pretty.


Yesterday I decided that I could not and would not live with the scary and mouse poop infested pantry in our new home any longer. So I put on some gloves and got to work. Here are some photos of my progress.
I started by peeling away layers of paint and old wallpaper. I really just focused on the parts that were already peeling or chipped.
Next I peeled off the three layers of ancient contact paper that lined the shelves. Here is what was beneath all of the sticky stuff. ECK.
First coat of paint. I did two coats total.
I got two sheets of this colorful citrus wrapping paper made by Iota when we first got to Columbus, not really knowing where it would be used. I think this is the perfect place for it.

Guided by the natural line of the pattern in the paper, I cut out strips to use for each shelf.

After the second coat of paint dried, I applied the cut out paper using spray adhesive. It worked beautifully!

Here is my happy and welcoming new pantry! Free of mouse poop!

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  1. Wow Chelsea! That is inspirational, and very artistic...very you! :) I love it!