March 12, 2011

A sunny day ... finally.

This week has been so cold, gray and rainy. That plus not getting very regular sleep really put me in a funk for the past few days. One of the practices I am trying to focus on for Lent is embracing winter while looking forward to spring. Death and rebirth is what this is about right? Living in Columbus has really made me see how the world comes alive again in the spring. What a beautiful illustration God has given us to live and feel.

Though I didn't do a great job of recognizing it this week, I must say that it is nice at times to stay inside with my perfect snuggly baby. Some of the sweetest times have been just laying on the couch reading while he sleeps on my chest.

I mentioned that I gave up facebook for Lent. But I also gave up reading my daily blogs. I spend just as much time, if not more, scrolling through them as facebook. I'm happy to say that this commitment hasn't been very hard for me, and I find myself doing much more useful things in my spare time. This week I've read the bible, crocheted a baby cap and started a new book, The Reason for God.

Happy sunny Saturday to all of you.

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  1. One of the greatest pictures I've ever seen! Beautiful Chelsea and her son Noah... I love you guys so much!!! miss you too. TONS!!!