March 21, 2011

Blue Rock Station

Yesterday my friend / old next door neighbor, Jessica, and I went to Blue Rock Station, a closed system Earthship made out of recycled materials. Jess invited me to go a few weeks ago for a class on raised bed gardening. I have never grown anything in my life, so the "class" was very enlightening, and I went home with plenty of heirloom seeds to start out with.

The process of growing food has always seemed very daunting to me. I decided that instead of getting overwhelmed by it, I would just become a master at one thing every year. This year it will be tomatoes, I've heard they are easy to grow.

Here are some pictures of our little outing. Noah had a good time checking out everything on the farm and was admired by all. Although I didn't get any shots of the inside of the house, I can assure you it was very cozy and beautiful. Although this way of life may seem extreme to some, it actually felt very easy and enlivening.
{Noah in front of the plastic bottle green house which grows plants all through the freezing Ohio winter}
{Mr. Llama, I guess that llama poo is the best fertilizer around}
{Thomas and his hens roaming the grounds}
{Noah meeting a hen, who put up with him grabbing her face and trying to eat it / cool art}
{A couple of kitties were always on patrol}
{Rosie the dog and the rest of the ladies doing some gardening}

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