October 10, 2009

The sofa has arrived! (and more)...

After nine weeks of waiting, our sofa has finally arrived!
{Our empty living room}
It's even better than I had hoped for. Now we just need a coffee table and we'll be in business. I might bring this one from the bedroom to use in the mean time. I would also love this rug for the room.
The only thing that Gatsby gets to be on the sofa for is taking pictures. Since then, it's on the floor for him! (Don't worry, I made him a very comfy bed in the corner).
Also! I put some candles and old mason jars in the fireplace. The thing can't have real fires in it, (sad). I plan on getting lots more candles to put in it, (happy).
Here is a picture of our fridge for good measure. The drawing of Frida on a tortilla is from one of my most favorite people, Jessi Walters.


  1. Hey! you're most def a fav in my book Chelsamus! your place is so dang cute! I know I say that every time but really :) your blog is just a little wonderland and I love love love it!
    xo J

  2. p.s. love the link! :) you're the best