October 12, 2009

Judy Ross Textiles.

Just days after my post about throw pillows, I received one of my daily emails from Maxwell of Apartment Therapy. The email was entitled "Best Throw Pillows of 2009"! Perfect timing Max, it's as if you knew just what I was asking for!
One of the companies listed was Judy Ross Textiles. I have fallen in love once again. The pillows and rugs the company makes have an amazing textural quality that complements the organic shapes in their designs.

While there are many more color choices than displayed here, I have compiled this visual list of items that would look great in our home. Our dining room, (which is visible from the living room), is a sea foam green color, and the living room is a soft gray. I love sea foam green with orange, and I think that having a bit of both on the sofa would be very lovely.

Sadly, each of these pillows is $190 bucks a pop. I don't think I'll ever be spending that much on a throw pillow in my lifetime...but a girl can dream can't she?
For some more drool worthy products, check out the whole line here.

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