August 23, 2009

Yellow yellow everywhere.

So here they are, finally some pictures of our yellow room. I got the idea for this color from Jeni's ice cream's "Ohio Love You" pamphlet that I picked up while getting some mind blowingly delicious frozen dairy treat. It is pictured above:)

We are planning on getting a fold out sofa from Ikea that is bright fuschia pink to go in the room. I know, I know, it is a very bold choice, but I think it will be amazing! When I showed him my ideas, Rudy said to me, "my wife has lost her mind! I love it!"

Just for good measure, here is a peek at the third bedroom that will become a work and crafting zone in the near future. I really like the way the robin's egg blue came out.

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  1. Glad you found inspiration in our colorways, Chelsea. Looks like it's coming together well.