August 29, 2009

Columbus Sketchcrawl

To sum the day up, I will quote Johnny Appleseed:

"OH! The Lord is good to me,
and so I thank the Lord,
for givin me the things I need,
the sun and the moon and the apple seed,
Oh the!"

But for me, He gave me a sketchbook, some colored pencils, and a group of people to ride around Columbus with and sketch. I tell you, I know that I am being taken care of here. I've met so many great people. I love our new city!

This morning I was browsing some blogs, and came to the Element Design company's, which had an ad for the Columbus sketch crawl. This event happened to start an hour after I saw the ad! I grabbed my sketchbook and some prismacolors and hopped on my bike. I had such a great time sketching, exploring and mingling. I think I will continue this tradition on my own! What a better way to get to know a new city than to find beautiful places to sit down and sketch?

Above is my rendering of the Santa Maria replica that sits in Battelle Riverfront Park right in downtown Columbus.

You can see more of my drawings, and more at the Columbus Sketchcrawl's flickr group page here

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  1. Hi Chelsea, I love the drawings.they are amazing! Especially the ship. I am so happy for you to have found this venture! Love G