August 6, 2009

The New Place!

Here are some pictures of our new house! We've only been living here for 5 days, so as expected, the place is pretty bare. These are only pictures of the downstairs, I'm in the process of painting the upstairs and it is a mess! (Not worthy of photographing at the moment)
Looking toward the front door, and our fancy living room set! I just ordered a sofa from Macy's today, but it will take four weeks before it comes. We'll have to make due with camping chairs:)
Living room

Dining room with the table and chairs I scored on craigslist for $75!
My new beautiful bowl!
Peeking into the kitchen from the dining room.
Our backyard

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  1. Wow!! How awesome is that. Nice hard wood floors and my thinking is that they could have taken some off the dining room to make the kitchen bigger...and how cute is that that the Gatzer has his bowls patiently waiting for him in the kitchen. Sweet