August 17, 2009

A Post from the Laundry Mat

That's right, I'm currently sitting in the laundry mat, waiting for my whites and towels to dry. Then I will fold them on those nifty and oh so handy folding stations!

Anywho...Rudy and I will officially have internet at the house on Friday. Hopefully I will be much better about posting once that kicks in:)

Is this not the cutest picture of Rudy and Gatsby!? I am also happy to report that our mattress is no longer on the ground, and we have put together our new and improved bed! Pictures to come shortly.

1 comment:

  1. Chelsea! YAY! LOVE! The laundry mat sounds nice and nifty . . . just as everything in your life seems to be. I love the picture you posted-- Good ol Rudy and Gatsp chillin out maxin on the oh so beautiful quilt of quilts. Excellent. Fun to see. I love you all dearly. Happy trails. :D