August 4, 2009

All work and no play...

After being here for six weeks, Rudy and I have finally moved into our very own house in Ohio. Staying with my grandparents in their amazing home (pictured above) has been great. It has been really nice to spend so much time with family that I have only seen about every 2 years for my whole life.

Moving on, we've moved into a 3 bedroom townhouse in Clintonville, a suburb of Columbus. I have begun painting just about every room in the house. My mom was here this weekend and we knocked out the dining room AND the living room yesterday! I wish I could say that my progress alone today was anywhere near what it was yesterday. But sadly it wasn't. Oh well. I'll just keep trucking along.

Many 'in progress' pictures to come. We came to Columbus with almost no furniture, so I have lots to collect. I love the idea of building up our collection with things that are perfect fits. Slowly but surely...

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