January 30, 2011

Oh to have a laundry room...

I'm swooning over this photo from the The Container Store.

Between normal daily life with baby and cloth diapering, we're doing a whole lot of laundry around here. It would be so nice to have a pretty room to do it in instead of a very dingy and dark basement.

I am counting my blessings that we even have a laundry machine and dryer though. We didn't have our own until last year. So that's nice. Baby steps I guess.


  1. When I dream about our future house, the one that we will own, it has an organized and beautiful laundry room in it. I like the bright colors in this one- so pretty!

    I am curious: how is the cloth diapering going?

  2. Cloth diapering is actually great! It's a bit more work, but totally worth it. The only real work is rinsing them out then storing them in a pail until there are enough to wash, every other day. They are better on Noah's bum and are so much cheaper than buying disposables, not to mention so much better on the earth.
    Did you know that diapers are the third largest single consumer item in landfills? Ugh.