January 27, 2011

Because I'm a mom now.

Let's talk about diaper bags, shall we? I never thought I wanted or needed one. For the last four months, my large purse has been taken over by all things baby. It's getting increasingly hard to find my wallet in "the abyss" as Rudy calls it. So I cracked. I bought one. But I had to do my thorough research first...

Or just find the cutest sack that would pass as a diaper bag and call it a day, which is what really happened.

I bought this one:
It is cute, zips closed, has lots of space and wipes clean with a damp cloth. Bonus, it's made from recycled plastic so I'm saving the earth also. Yay me.
I got it online at House8810.
It was also the cheapest ($15) of the options. Yay me again!
I could have gone for something sensible with loads of pockets like the Skip*Hop above, but not only is it the most expensive ($58), it's just not so fun.

I did think about getting one of Skip*Hop's Zoo Packs to use as a diaper bag. The idea was that Noah could use it as his little back pack once he got older, but I decided against it. While they are cute, I just don't know if I wanted something that cutesy.

Do you have, or are you planning on having a diaper bag for your babies? Did you go for conventional or fun?

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