December 20, 2010

Noah's first laughs.

Yesterday I was sitting in Rudy's parents living room with Noah and Cody, (Rudy's brother). I was describing the smell of Noah's farts, (please excuse this), to Cody and used the words 'egg milk'. Noah thought that it was hilarious! As any parent would do, I said it about a hundred times and had Cody grab the camera.

The rest of the family heard his laughing and came to join in. I'm so glad that a)Rudy and his family were there to see, and b)we had the camera ready. It feels like Noah does new and exciting things just for me, and I can't capture them on film. The telling of them just doesn't compare.


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  1. That made me so happy! One of the cutest things Ive ever seen!!! Yay Noah :)