May 15, 2010


I mentioned before that Rudy and I were looking for another place, as the one we are in will be a bit too tight for our budget once the baby comes and I stop working. Our landlords let us know that we could not sneak our way out of our lease, (which is up in August), meaning we would have to move just a month before the little guy comes and that we couldn't save some extra dough in the mean time. This was a disappointment for me, even though I know that's what a lease is. A contract. Not to be broken. But I mean, I've heard that kids cost all kinds of money, and who wants to move with a belly out-to-there!

Anyhow, the landlords dropped by one Saturday, May 1st actually, to say that it would be better for them if we could be out by June 1st, because their son needs a place to stay and would help them fix the house up. My first reaction was relief. My second worry. We now had one month to find a place and move in.

To craigslist we went, and decided to check out a one bedroom apartment, (too small, but why not look?), that was down by the bike path. The landlord emailed me right back and said we could stop by the next day, a Sunday! Even though that one was too tiny for us, he mentioned that he had a two bedroom coming available and we could run by that unit right then! And it was perfect!

We were the fifth people to look at it, but the first to put in an application. They ran it, and we're in!! We signed the lease today, in McDonalds of all places. The Lord is so faithful. I never imagined we'd be given back our deposit AND find a place so close to our current house in such amazing shape. Why do I even bother worrying for one second? I know we are being taken care of.


  1. I'm so happy for you! I'm even crying a little...but that's nothing out of the norm.

  2. Wow Chelsea Christine! What a testimony! I looooove God! How happy I am that you Rudy Gatspy and Baby are so open to letting God work in your lives! Beautiful results! Muah!